Great tech toy gifts for Christmas 2017

There’s nothing like seeing your child open up a gift on Christmas morning. If you’re still looking for gifts for your kids. Here are some unusual toys I can suggest.

“There’s Spintales Enchanted Duvets, as well as Spintails Jungle Rugs. So what it is: there are three stories embedded into the rug and duvet.” Alexander Florio said.

That’s right. It may be the first duvet and rug your kid will ever notice. Connected to a smartphone and an app, they come alive through augmented reality. It’s truly amazing.

With the new iPhones, augmented reality is even better.  The duvet and rug are $100 each.

Play-Doh may be old school, but 21st century Play-Doh is an incredible experience. Create a character and it comes alive on an ipad or phone.

Kids can create other Play-Doh characters to play with each other. It may be the coolest toy I’ve seen all year.

The Play-Doh Touch starter pack is around $60. And last i checked, they’re widely available at online retailers. At least for now.

Fingerlings are the hottest toys right now, They are interactive monkeys that wrap around your finger, blink their eyes, blow kisses and react to sounds and touch. They are really hard to find.

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