Snow people pop up in Metropolis, Illinois, for the holidays

METROPOLIS, IL – The city of Metropolis, Illinois, is known as the home of Superman, but now it’s known as the home of snowmen. Dozens of snowmen have popped up in yards and storefronts this holiday season, thanks to one woman and her team of volunteers.

There might not be snow on the ground yet, but that hasn’t stopped Tish Lewis and her team of volunteers from getting into the holiday spirit. These snowmen are their creation, and they’re a hit.

“It’s just snowballed, I mean, people, where are the snowmen coming from?” said Lewis.

 The three-year tradition started after the group noticed a lack of Christmas decorations in town.

“We didn’t really have a lot of decorations uptown at all, really, on the poles or anything,” said Lewis.

 Now, they’re everywhere.

“I would like to see this whole town just filled with them,” said Lewis.

 Lewis has made more than 200 snow people. Each one is unique, and brings something special to the town.

“We have some kind of funky snowmen. We go from dressed-up type, to farmer, straw hats and stuff like that,” said Lewis.

“These are cool. They’re a lot of fun. I think they’re kind of a unique way of having the spirit of Christmas,” said Glen Smith, a neighbor in Metropolis.

Lewis said she plans to continue to make the snow people as long as she’s able to.

Lewis said she is always looking for volunteers for the project or to team up with her on others.

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