Emergency SOS makes calling for help easier, faster

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you need to call 911 right away. A new feature in iPhones makes calling for help even easier and faster.  You don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket.

Simply press the on-off button — the one on the right side of the iPhone — five times, quickly. That’s going to do two things: sound an alarm and call 911.  Depending on which iPhone you have, you may be asked to drag a slider to make the SOS call.

With the new iPhones — the 8, 8 plus or X — it’ll place the call automatically to the nearest 911 call center based on your phone’s GPS and shares your location. After calling 911, the phone will send a text message to your emergency contacts.

They’ll see that you’ve called for help and your exact location. You may want to set up your emergency contacts.

You can do that in the Health app under medical ID, settings, Emergency SOS. Open the Health app and tap edit to add names and phone numbers from your contact list.

This is one of those things that heaven forbid you will ever need, but it’s a good idea to set it up for your safety sake, especially on the phone your kids use.

Apple added the feature in iOS 11. If you set if off accidentally, you get about two seconds to turn it off.

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