Uniforms donated to struggling American Legion post

PADUCAH, KY – Crisp lines, polished buttons, bright whites —That’s the image you should have when thinking about military dress uniforms. But, for men at the American Legion Post 31, that wasn’t the case at one time.

One local business took it upon themselves to honor the veterans that have helped them so many times before.

Milner & Orr Funeral Director Amanda Melton tells families the Legion’s hearts are in the right place. But at one time, their uniforms were not.

Melton says last minute she could call the men at the American Legion Post 31 to come help with a military funeral service.

“They don’t hesitate to say yes. They don’t look at the time, the distance, where the cemetery’s located. It’s always yes,” she says.

She says they mentioned in passing how they needed new dress uniforms. Without any pomp and circumstance, Melton walked over to the hall to help hand over a check to the American Legion.

Melton says it was a way to give back to the men who went out of their way for veterans’ funerals back home. But the Legion continued to struggle financially, more than Melton realized. She says, “We love and support our veterans. But maybe we aren’t aware they’re struggling, and I hope this does help to raise awareness.”

Photographer: Chad Darnall

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