Flu shot effectiveness in question; doctors still recommend getting it

PADUCAH, KY – How effective is the flu shot? That’s one question some are asking after early reports said it’s only 10 percent effective. While some are skeptical, medical professionals believe it’s important for you to stay healthy.

Dorothy Reed lives in Paducah. She gets her prescriptions from Davis Drugs, and on Tuesday afternoon, she got more than during her pharmacy visit. She also got her flu shot.

Reed said she has never gotten the flu, and she believes it’s because she gets a flu shot every year.

“I’m around my nieces and nephews a lot. They can give me the cold, I can give them the cold, flu, and have them back and forth in the hospital. For my immune system and diabetes, it’s important for me to do it,” Reed said.

With Christmas right around the corner, doctors say being around friends, family, and other large groups of people increases your chances of getting the flu. That’s why they say it’s important for you to get your flu shot.

Pharmacist Edwin Albritton said while the 10 percent effectiveness seems low to some, it can make a difference.

“That 10 percent becomes a very important factor as far as prevention goes. That’s just one strain that they’re showing that 10 percent against. There are other strains that it has been effective against, and those strains may show up later in the flu season,” Albritton said.

Staying free from the flu allows Reed to enjoy the holidays with a little less to worry about.

For tips on staying healthy this flu season, click here.

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