Preparing your home for the bitter cold winter weather

PADUCAH, KY- Christmas has passed, but baby, it’s cold outside.

One week after the official beginning of winter, the Paducah area and its surrounding area faces wind chills below zero. The temperature is expected to drop as low as five degrees on New Year’s Eve.  This bitter cold air can make its way into your home, costing you more money as your heating system tries to keep up.

Larry Hotz  is making runs, grabbing tools, and restoring heat to homes. He has been a technician for 24 years. He said the colder it gets, the more calls he gets.

“It probably triples the calls that come in with the cold temperatures because people’s units are running more. And then they just—the longer they run the more things break down on them and they can’t keep up with the problems they were having before,” Hotz said.

Larry’s boss, Steve Warren, said it’s not uncommon for them to receive these types of calls as winter sets in.

“Most calls we’re getting right now are one of two things; they’re saying either they have no heat or they have a heat pump and they’re saying ‘I have a heat pump and it won’t shut off’,” Warren explained.

Steve said heat escapes your house through cracks and crevices found near doorways and windows—costing you more money on your utility bill. He also said there are a few things you can do to keep your house warm and save money.

“You can go to a hardware store and buy some plastic film to go over your windows. And that creates an air space, and which is an insulator. You can buy some weather stripping to put under your doors and around your windows and stop that air from coming in,” Warren said.

Beyond heating systems, Warren said as it gets colder, it’s important to not only take care of your home, but also your family and neighbors.

“Just give them a holler. Check on them, go see them, make sure everything is okay because these type of temperatures outside, someone can get in trouble real quick.”

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Ways To Take Care Of Your Home During Winter:

  • Use weather strips to seal door crevices and windows
  • Get your air unit checked once per year
  • In extreme cold temperatures, allow faucets to drip both cold and hot water to keep water moving through pipes—preventing freezing
  • In extreme cold temperatures,open cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm air to circulate around water pipes
  • Turn thermostat down two to three degrees before leaving for long periods of time
  • Replace air filters before they get too dirty, ensuring good air flow through your home’s central air system

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