Pipes, water mains freezing, bursting in frigid temps

PADUCAH, KY – With the wicked cold outside this week, there are a lot of things to remember. But, if you don’t want your home iced over from the pipes freezing and bursting, leave faucets trickling in your home.

Plumbers said they were working nonstop because people were waking up to frozen pipes in their homes, and the problem may get worse.

No, it didn’t snow in Paducah. A water line froze and spilled over at a home on 28th Street. Across the way, Kathryn Lawrence started wondering if it was going to happen at her house. She says the pipes in her home freeze every year.

“We learn that lesson real quick that those cold temperatures can hit us at any moment,” says Lawrence.

While she’s diligent about keeping it warm in her home and the water running, she knows it’s a possibility the pipes could also freeze at her house.

“It’s better to stay prepared,” she says. “Always make sure you keep your pipes at a trickle, if you can. Make sure you’ve got a lot of heat.”

Paducah Water says you could see even more scenes like this around town. When the temperature continues to drop in the river, it could cause more water main breaks around town.

Paducah Water Engineering Manager Jason Petersen says the cold also affects the water systems, but generally the impacts are not widespread.

“Our customers may experience or may see a slight uptick in the number of main breaks….Main breaks are largely localized, and we shut off the supply if necessary. Many times we can fix a water main break without shutting off service,” Petersen says.

Because of ice or snow, Lawrence is kind of OK with it, as long as it’s outside. Water flooding her place, however, is not something she’s OK with.

“I’m so terrified. I’m so terrified. And being a renter, you’re like: I don’t want to do anything it’s going to destroy,” she says.

Petersen says if you have an issue with your pipes bursting, Paducah Water can do an emergency shutoff to minimize the leak or the damage, but you will have to contact a plumber for any damage inside your home.

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