Cold weather causes destruction at local church

PADUCAH, KY — A tiny crack created a giant mess at Rest Church in Paducah. It happened after a pipe above the girl’s bathroom burst, causing water to spill out and freeze. Pastor Adam Bretz says the weight of the ice forced parts of the ceiling to collapse, damaging everything it touched.

“To walk into this is just heartbreaking,” says Bretz. “It’s like a war zone, you know? You can’t be prepared for what you see.”

The nursery looks more like a pig pen. It’s a similar story throughout the right wing of the church. Nearly everything is covered in insulation and plaster.

“Insulation up to almost a foot where it was just frozen. It dropped through the ceiling,” says Bretz.

Bretz says a cleaning crew discovered the damage Tuesday morning. At that time, several rooms were soaking in four inches of water.

“We did some work during Hurricane Katrina, and it felt a lot like that walking in here just seeing what was on the floor and how the ceilings had come through,” says Bretz.

Bretz says just a few months ago they spent $10,000 updating that half of the church. Now, he says, they’re looking at about $40,000 worth in repairs. He says they’re waiting to see if insurance will cover the damage.

“Everything will have to be taken back to the studs basically,” says Bretz.

Despite the destruction, Bretz says he’s hopeful for the future.

“I’m excited to see what God does with this brokenness,” says Bretz.

Church services will continue, but Bretz says there will be a few changes for the children.

The church is in need of toys, diapers, changing tables, Pack ‘n Play, rocking chairs and foam floor tiles to make the rooms safe for babies. Donations of items can be dropped off at VUE Magazine at 120 Bleich Road in Paducah.

You can also donate by texting the word “GIVE” followed by your dollar amount to 270-366-7947.

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