Hemp production coming to Carlisle County in 2018

CARLISLE COUNTY, KY – Hemp and big business are on their way to Carlisle County. Megan Koch owns a local business in Bardwell called Rusted Roots. She saw the potential of hemp and decided to invest.

“Building materials, or clothing or, basically, the possibilities are endless,” Koch said.

The fields are empty now, but in the coming months, neighbors will see the return of a crop that was first planted in Kentucky in 1775.

Kings Royal Biotech out of San Diego, California is a company partnering with an unnamed Chinese company to put a hemp processing facility in west Kentucky.

The proposed site for the hemp facility is a field that sits right next to the sanitation plant in Carlisle County. Construction is set to begin in early spring and after the hemp is planted and harvested, it will be brought to the hemp facility for processing.

Keith Taylor, the chief operations officer with Kings Royal Biotech, said he wants to visit the place it all started.

“Kentucky was the very first state in our nation that grew industrial hemp for the war. And so, what I wanted to do then is go back to the original state,” Taylor said.

He also said this plant would produce 120 good-paying jobs in the first year.

County Judge Executive Greg Terry said hemp production will put the work-ready citizens of Carlisle County back to work.

“I think it’s good for our community. I think it’s good that those people are going to get those opportunities. We’ve really struggled here in western Kentucky, so it’s time that we get to change that a little bit,” Terry said.

Kings Royal Biotech is partnering with local farmers in Carlisle County to grow 2,300 acres of hemp. While it’s health benefits are still being researched, hemp is still classified by the DEA as a Schedule I controlled substance. Farmers are only able to grow hemp legally under the Agriculture Act of 2014 signed by President Obama.

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