AP Study: Sexual harassment training and policies across the U.S.

Most state legislatures are looking to revamp their sexual harassment and misconduct policies. That’s according to a study released by the Associated Press Thursday.

The study comes after dozens of sexual harassment scandals involving lawmakers made national headlines last year.

The study breaks down each state’s current policies. This includes if they’re proposing new polices, if they require sexual harassment training, if so how often, and if external investigations are done into the claims.

We took a look at the study and found where our local states stand.

Every state but Kentucky has a current written policy in place in the House and Senate.

But the Kentucky House, along with the House in Illinois and Missouri, are proposing a new policy. However, Illinois is the only state Senate in our area considering a new policy.

All of the Local 6 states require sexual harassment training in both the House and Senate. House members must go through training each year.

In Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee, state Senators must go through training every year, but in Missouri, state Senators are only required to go through training when they are elected.

You can see the full results from the study by clicking here.

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