Parents concerned about childcare ahead of winter weather

PADUCAH – Should we close? That’s the question many offices and schools have been tackling Thursday as a winter weather system moves closer.

Not only are offices and schools evaluating conditions, but so are local daycare facilities. LeAnn Ervin, owner of Kiddie Kottage in Paducah, said she and her team are keeping up with the weather, and they will be prepared to provide childcare snow or shine.

The kids are hopeful, and their parents are concerned about childcare with the winter weather moving in.

Ervin has owned and operated Kiddie Kottage for 10 years now. She knows if the daycare closes due to inclement weather, it could put some in a tough spot.

“Parents here work at the hospitals, some of them work in nursing homes. It’s very important for us to be open, so they can go to work. As long as we have electricity, we will stay open,” Ervin said.

Ervin knows the winter weather makes it a little more difficult to keep the doors open.

“It’s just stressful. any time there’s bad weather coming in it’s stressful for us, it’s stressful to make sure my teachers get here safely, all of my parents and children get here safely,” Ervin said.

Even though it can be stressful, Ervin said she and her team will do all they can to let the kids enjoy the first major weather event of winter.

“We’ll go and bring the snow in to them. Let them touch the snow, taste the snow, maybe make some snow cream —make it a fun snow day for them,” Ervin said.

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