Still time to prep for storm, local stores plan to be open Friday

PADUCAH, KY – Food and water are flying off the shelves. Banks Market in Paducah has been packed all day long.

Many of you have gotten extra food before the storm, but you still have time if you haven’t. Many stores plan to be open late Thursday night and on Friday, including Banks Market and Rural King.

Lines and carts are full, but the shelves aren’t. Frances Hobby has done this a time or two. She says bread is a must. “Basically, keep it simple,” she advised. “Don’t try to get some fancy meal. If your family likes stew, get you some stew meat. Throw in the veggies. You got a whole meal right there.”

Hobby said to buy items that are easy to make, like soup and chili. “Things like that that are quick and easy. That doesn’t drive mom nuts trying to keep everybody fed,” she said.

Rural King is staying busy as well. Roger Craig stocked up on everything: batteries, a battery charger, a generator and more. He’s ready if the power goes out. “I don’t know if that happens too often, but I can’t take any chances,” he said.

Banks Market’s manager said their hours will most likely remain the same, weather permitting.

Rural King also plans to be open Friday, but McCracken County Road Department engineers recommend you avoid driving on icy roads.

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