Highlights from CES 2018

LAS VEGAS — My seventh year attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was as fascinating as my first. Walking over the 20 million or so square feet of the world’s largest tech conference and showcase, I was once again amazed at how much and how fast the global tech community is growing.

Every year, people ask me: “What’s the best thing you saw this year?”

At CES 2018, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one gadget, but I can say that robotics and artificial intelligence were most impressive things on the show floor. Everywhere you looked, you saw a robot or machine with artificial intelligence. Those can perform all types of tasks, such as sorting and folding laundry, steering a car down the street, or working as an administrative assistant or a lobby greeter in an office building.

Some are designed to be teacher’s assistants to help school children with their work and assist the teacher in certain areas. There were robots that play Scrabble or ping-pong.

Sophia, a very life-like robot was also on display. The robot famously was made a citizen of Saudi Arabia and has given speeches to large audiences.

The development of smart cities was another area, with a wide variety of companies developing smart streets and smart food trucks. There is the Ollie, which is designed to transport people with
disabilities from their homes to work or shopping. Users would call for a ride like they might with Uber or Lyft with their smartphone.

There were a number of self-driving cars on display, along with one passenger car that runs on electricity.

There were toys, gadgets, apps, and beauty products, along with hundreds of smart home devices controllable by an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home device.

CES never ceases to amaze me, and I look forward to trip number eight next January.

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