People hit the roads during the storm even when told not to

LYON COUNTY, KY – What looks like a beautiful winter wonderland is a different story if you’re forced to drive in it. Low visibility created major problems on local roads, but the main problem was snow and ice on the roads themselves.

A mixture of sleet and snow made some areas of the road easy to get stuck in, and it was easy to lose control of your car in other areas.

“It’s a wintry mix right now,” said Dennis Hogue. You can barely see the lines on the road.

“We’re down here at our lake house, just checking things, and got stuck in this weather,” he said. Hogue stopped to fill up his tires. He said it helps him drive on the snow and ice.

“It’s slick out there, and you have to drive real slow,” Hogue said. “If anyone is traveling, they better carry some warm clothes in case they slide off the road.”

Mallory Reynolds is getting her car ready to get back on the road. “There was probably five or six cars off in ditches being pulled out by wreckers, but people just need to go slow,” Reynolds said. “The truck drivers need to realize that they weigh a lot, and they push us off the road. Other than that, it wasn’t too bad.”

Low visibility and slippery roads didn’t stop people from driving. If you are getting on the road, prepare for the worst. Wear plenty of clothes and bring all the tools you need.

As road departments continue to remove snow, the real trouble is the ice that’s left underneath it. Stay off the roads unless it’s necessary.

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