Drivers left stranded by snowdrift in Ballard County

BALLARD COUNTY, Ky. — A snowdrift caused at least five vehicles and a semi to go off the road, closing down KY 286 in Ballard County for several hours Saturday morning.

Shane Hammond was on his way to Georgia from Missouri when he came across the snowdrift.

“We were following another car and there were two girls in it, and we saw them hit the ditch,” says Hammond. “So we just pulled over automatically and I just jumped out, grabbed my chain, hooked on to them and dragged them out.”

The nearby ditch seemed to be littered with vehicles. Hammond helped three more people get back on the road, and then he got stuck.

Hammond says he was stranded in his truck for seven hours with no blankets or extra food. Luckily, he says, he had enough gasoline to keep the engine running and the heat on.

Once the sun came up, Hammond noticed a local farmer helping tow people out with a tractor.

“If you talk to him, tell him I said thank you,” says Hammond.

Ballard County Deputy Sheriff Ronnie Harvell says when you live in a small community, helping others is second nature.

“We’re all like family,” says Harvell. “It just warms your heart to see the community pull together and help people, and even strangers that are traveling that get off on the side roads, you know, we even try to help strangers out.”

Harvell is advising people to stay off the roads right now. If you have to drive, he says, lookout for snowdrifts.

“You can’t get through these,” says Harvell. “Even four-wheel drives are getting hung up.”

Ballard County Emergency Management says no injuries were reported.

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