Parents reunite with students after school shooting

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. — Parents flooded North Marshall Middle School in a panic, rushing to make sure their children were OK after a student opened fire at Marshall County High School, killing two other students and injuring several others.

Joe Hoysradt says his daughter, Isabella Hoysradt, didn’t want to go to school on Tuesday, because she had a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach. Now, he’s wishing she stayed home.

Isabella, a freshman at the high school, says the shooting happened in the school commons area Tuesday morning.

“I was standing there with my friends, and I heard like two shots,” says Isabella. “I turned around, and behind me I saw this big figure of a person, and I just see like fire coming from a gun. I turned back around, just ran through the doors and ran outside into the weight room.”

Isabella says a teacher kept them safe until help could arrive. She says students piled into a school bus to meet up with their parents at the nearby middle school.

“I’m emotionally wrecked. It was just, like, scary and just —just scary.”

Families and students can find help through The Rebels Project, a support group for survivors of mass trauma, such as a school shooting. Students from Columbine started the group back in 2012 after the Aurora Theatre shooting. The group is based in Colorado, but it has a huge online presence as a place where survivors can share their stories.

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