Marshall County student says talking about the shooting is helping him cope

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — For many students, Tuesday’s shooting at Marshall County High School hasn’t sunk in yet.

Nate Hamblin, a high school junior, says he was only a few feet away from the shooter when he opened fire.

“When the second shot fired, everyone screamed. Everyone’s stuff went flying. Everyone was just trying to run as fast as they could,” says Hamblin.

That’s when Hamblin saw another student holding a gun. “He was just shooting to shoot,” Hamblin says. “I pushed my girlfriend and her best friend down, and I got on top of them and tried to make sure everybody was OK. When he stopped shooting, I pushed both of them up, and we ran out the door.”

Hamblin held the door open, helping other kids escape. “When he made eye contact with me, that’s when I took off, because, like, he still had the gun in his hand,” he says.

Once outside, Hamblin and his girlfriend ran as fast as they could away from the school. He didn’t comprehend the extent of what was happening until he started searching for his younger sister.

“That’s when I started panicking,” says Hamblin. “I was telling teachers, ‘I can’t find my sister. Where is my sister?'”

It wasn’t until a teacher moved them into the tech center that Hamblin learned his sister was OK.

“It’s still in the back of your head. We survived something crazy, and innocent people didn’t,” says Hamblin. “Try to stay positive and be there for other people; that’s what everyone needs to be doing right now.”

Since the shooting, Hamblin says he’s been talking to family, friends and a counselor about what he saw.

“Even if you don’t want to talk about it, talking about it helps,” says Hamblin. “If you try to keep it bottled up inside, it’s eventually going to get to you worse than what it does now. The best thing you can do — and whether it’s just peers or people that you’ve never talked to before — Try to get it out. Try to talk to someone, because it helps more than you’ll ever know.”

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