“Go The Distance” Runner Mandi Varel meets with trainer

Our Go The Distance runners are meeting with their trainers for the first time.

We are working with Atlas Physical Therapy and the Paducah Athletic Club to help ten runners train for the Murray Half Marathon and Paducah Iron Mom.

Mandi Varel met with physical therapist Bryan Krueger Monday.

The 34-year-old mom says she’s never really been very active, mainly because she said she didn’t believe in herself growing up. She says the older she got, the more confident she became.

To start her training, she was recorded while running. Krueger then looked back at the video frame by frame to assess the way she ran.

“When I first came in, I was expecting Bryan and his team would tell me all the things I was doing wrong with my running,” explained Varel. “But I didn’t realize all the things I was doing right. [It was] helpful for me to hear from him all things I was doing right and how to correct all the things I was doing wrong.”

Krueger added, “you think you know, you think you feel it, you think you know what’s happening as you run. But until you actually see it in slow motion, it can dispel a lot of mist when you think about yourself.”

Varel was given personalized strengthening exercises and stretches to help her run that half marathon.

We are helping the ten participants train for a half marathon this year. To learn more about our go the distance runners, click here.

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