Go the Distance: Mary Travis ready to run after knee injury

Mary Travis is getting the help she needs to run a half marathon. She met with a physical therapist Wednesday as part of our Go the Distance campaign.

Travis says she injured her knee while serving the military and has been having knee problems off and on since then.

She signed up for Go the Distance because she wanted to run and run safely.

“It’s not every day you are going to have an opportunity to have a physical therapist making sure your body is doing what it supposed to be, a personal trainer who is making sure you are working out the way you are supposed to be, a whole group of people backing you up, (saying) ‘You can definitely do this. Text us if you want to run,” Travis says.

WPSD — along with Atlas Physical Therapy and the Paducah Athletic Club — are helping 10 runners go to the distance.

To learn more about our Go the Distance runners, click here.

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