West Kentucky judge accused of using inmates to rebuild church

FRANKFORT, KY — A Kentucky circuit court judge is being accused of using Fulton County Jail inmates to rebuild a church he was a member of.

The Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission sent a 66 page document detailing a case against 1st District Judge Timothy Langford.

The document outlines nine counts. Two of the counts have connection to the reconstruction of the West Hickman Baptist Church in Hickman, Kentucky.

The church was destroyed by a fire in 2013.

According to the document, Langford contacted the Fulton County Detention Center and asked that inmates do reconstruction work on the church.

He also allegedly asked the detention center for use of publicly-owned equipment to help reconstruct the church.

In response, Langford said the church was told during the reconstruction project that inmates could be used to help move materials/unload trucks but not help in construction work. Langford said the church took this at face value. He also said the Fulton County Jailer, who was unnamed in the response, was and is a member of the church.

Langford also said there may have been publicly-owned equipment from the detention center at the church, but he did not know about it and did not request it.

The Commission says the next step is to schedule an administrative hearing with Langford.

You can read the full document below.

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