Local churches fight back against flu epidemic

PADUCAH, Ky. — The flu is now an epidemic in Kentucky with more than 100 deaths this season, four of which were children.

Even if you don’t feel sick, you can still infect others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the flu is contagious one day before symptoms start and five days after.

DeShawn Williams, 13, is doing everything he can to stay healthy.

“People at school in my choir class they’ve been getting sick and missing out,” says DeShawn.

Ginger Moore is the director of women’s ministry at The Rivers Church in Paducah. She’s all about staying healthy.

“While we’re a church that likes to give out hugs, for me personally if I know that you’ve had the flu or a cold, you’re going to be getting the elbow bump from me,” says Moore. “We take communion every Sunday so just how much is everybody going to touch something and then pass it.”

With the recent epidemic, Moore is doing more to help people at her church combat the flu.

“DeShawn helps serve communion and he’s wearing gloves, and he’s to collecting everybody’s cups,” says Moore. “Sometimes, you know, when you’re passing the tray you might have someone not realize they picked up somebody else’s empty cup. That’s just another way to spread germs. We can help people stay a little healthier because nobody wants to miss worship.”

If you do get sick Moore says, “Jesus still loves you, stay home.”

First Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Kentucky set up several “sanitization stations” to help protect its members from the flu. The stations include hand sanitizer, glozes, masks and Kleenex.

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