Patriots Superfan: Dr. Vanessa Lyons

PADUCAH, KY – Who were you rooting for: the Patriots or the Eagles today? A West Kentucky Community and Technical College professor put on all her Patriots gear Sunday because she says she’s the biggest Pats fan in Paducah.

The love affair started because he was easy on the eyes, but don’t be fooled. Dr. Vanessa Lyons knows football.

Dr. Vanessa Lyons shows her Patriots pride!

And about today’s Super bowl game she says, “On paper Philadelphia has a better team they have a better offensive line, defensive line but we have the better quarterback and the better coach.”

The quarterback, number 12 Tom Brady, looks down at her desk every day. Remember when his jersey went missing after the Super bowl last year?

Some of the Tom Brady decorations in Dr. Lyons’ office.

Lyons says, “They kept questioning me, what did you do with it? And I told them, like any good wife, I took it home, washed it, hung it, and put it in the closet, he just hasn’t come and gotten it.”

While he’s won some trophies and rings, Lyons took a special trip to go see them, she’s not a fan because of all the bling.

She says, “Now that I know about football, it’s the way he plays. It’s the passion he plays with.”

Brady’s won lots of trophies and rings, and Lyons took this special trip to see them.

If she ever met him in person?

“I don’t know what I would do, it’d be like a dream come true just to shake his hand.”

Dr. Lyons is not done decorating her office yet. In fact, she plans to put a life-size Tom Brady cutout on one of her walls.


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