Patti’s 1880s Settlement working to help employees, teen workers thankful

GRAND RIVERS, KY – More than 200 people are out of a job for now after a fire broke out in the kitchen of Patti’s 1880s Settlement Monday morning. We still don’t know what caused the fire, and the restaurant will be closed for a while.

Patti’s spokeswoman Ann Martin said it depends on insurance when the business can get everyone back to work and re-open the restaurant, but Patti’s will make sure their employees get a check for this week and next week.

Some employees will also be put to work to help clean up. Although they’re grateful for what their employers are doing for them, some of the restaurant’s younger employees said a job at Patti’s means more than a paycheck.

The best jobs in high school are the jobs where you can work with your friends. And after the shooting at their school, Marshall County High School students Chase, Eli, Alyna and Preston looked forward to their after school shifts at Patti’s.

“Since the incident at the high school, it really gets your mind off of it at work,” Chase said. “It’s a fun time. Everyone’s nice, so we’re always laughing. You don’t think about bad things.”

But now that they’re out of a job, they’re not only going to be finding another way to get paid. They’re also searching for another safe haven.

“I was really upset. It’s like a second family with all the people here,” Alyna said.

Chase’s mom, Heather Warren, knows his job at Patti’s has been wonderful for him.

“They might just be kids, but they’re kids with goals. That gives them an opportunity to keep their head up. Maybe I have something to come back to,” Warren said.

From the students, who enjoy coming to work, even through fire, they’ll stay Marshall Strong.

Martin said it will take some time for Patti’s to contact all employees, but all those employees will have jobs when the restaurant re-opens.

She recommends for everyone to check Facebook in the meantime.

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