Police warn public to stop sharing video of child sex abuse

PADUCAH – The Paducah Police Department says it wants to alert you about a video being shared on Facebook that could land you with felony charges if you share it.

Police say a video showing a child being sexually abused or assaulted by an adult is circulating on Facebook, in posts saying the video needs to “go viral” to help identify the child. The video is being investigated by police in Alabama. Paducah Police Department detectives have contacted authorities in Alabama, and police there say the child has been found and is safe.

Paducah officers want to remind you that, even in a case where the child was still missing, it is illegal for you to share this video or any others like it. If you share the video, you are guilty of distributing child pornography.

If you see the video in this case or any other video like it, police say you should notify the social media platform through which you saw it. Do not post it or share it.

Paducah police say they would normally request that you bring your computer, smartphone or other device to the police department for investigation.

But, because the case in this incident is in Alabama, authorities there are investigating, and the child has been located and is safe, Paducah police ask you to delete the video immediately.

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