Road department prepares for winter weather after fires destroys equipment

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY – This week could bring the first round of winter weather for the Marshall County Road Department since a fire two weeks ago destroyed most of its equipment.

“We won’t be doing any pre-treating right now, because the trucks we used to pre-treat with were the ones that were in the fire.” said Road Superintendent Wendy Greer.

Greer said the department has been getting plans in order in case of winter weather.

The fire destroyed six dump trucks. Those were the trucks that cleared the roads during snow and pre-treated the roads before ice.

“We’ll run all the priority routes first, and then we will go back and run the side roads, the smaller roads, the less traveled roads,” Greer said. That’s the department’s new plan, with its remaining two dump trucks and 11 pickup trucks.

With more than 800 county roads in Marshall County, it’s hard to get into specifics about which roads will be cleared first. What you need to know is: If you live on a residential road or a side road with a dead end, you are going to have to wait to get your roads cleared. “It’s going to put us behind, but they just have to be patient with us this year,” Greer said.

It can take them eight hours to run each route. Now they have to do the same amount of work with less. “We’re hoping for spring to come really fast, but if not we are prepared.”

Even though they can’t pre-treat those roads with brine, Greer said crews are able to put salt down. She said if there’s ice overnight on Tuesday, then her crews will be salting the roads either overnight or Wednesday morning.

She said the department has ordered new dump trucks, but they won’t be in for another two months. Next winter, their routes should be back to normal.

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