Employee recalls fear during mall lockdown due to accidental shooting

PADUCAH, KY – Things were back to normal Wednesday at Kentucky Oaks Mall, a day after the mall was placed on lockdown because of reports of a shooting.

The incident, which turned out to be an accidental shooting, happened around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the parking lot near the food court entrance. While Paducah police noted what happened was an accident and there was not an active shooter, one employee who was inside at the time said she prepared for the worst.

“You hear the word shooting or you hear the word gun, you’re going to get scared. That’s just the human nature. It was definitely scary, but it’s better safe than sorry,” A&A boutique employee Lagan Winn said.

Winn snapped into action after hearing of a possible shooter.

“The guy from Men’s Wearhouse told me that there could possibly be a shooter outside. Now I really started freaking out, and I’m like ‘We have to close down, and we have to get to safety,'” Winn said.

Winn said she was already on edge because her brother was at Marshall County High School when the shooting happened on Jan. 23.

“I knew I was either was going to go home to my parents or go home to God. And really, that’s been my thought process for the past few weeks,” Winn said.

Rumors swirled Tuesday night about what happened. The truth? A convicted felon accidentally shot himself in the leg in the mall parking lot. Paducah police say that man was 35-year-old Brent Dixon.

Even though no one else was hurt, mall spokesperson Joe Bell said they always prepare to keep everyone safe.

“We tend to err on the side of caution. If there is a credible report that there’s someone with a firearm or a firearm is discharged, we go into a code red procedure,” Bell said.

Winn said she won’t let fear keep her away from doing what she loves.

“Life happens. You can’t be scared to walk out of your front door, because that’s no way to live,” Winn said.

Police say Dixon was arrested when he was released from the hospital after a computer check revealed outstanding warrants for his arrest.

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