Kentucky bill to revise medical malpractice system advances

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – A year after a big change was made to Kentucky’s medical malpractice system, lawmakers are considering a bill that would alter the system even more.

The bill advanced by a Senate committee Wednesday would place caps on a plaintiff’s attorney’s fees in malpractice cases. It would prohibit expressions of sympathy from being used against a health-care provider in malpractice claims.

Republican Sen. Ralph Alvarado says his bill would bring Kentucky’s system in line with malpractice laws in other states. Alvarado is a Winchester doctor.

Democratic Sen. Reginald Thomas opposed the bill. He says it’s designed to protect health-care providers and discourage lawyers from taking malpractice cases.

Last year, lawmakers revised the malpractice system by creating panels of medical providers to review claims before cases go to court.

The legislation is Senate Bill 20.

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