A look inside Patti’s after fire ripped through Kitchen

GRAND RIVERS, KY – We’re seeing images Wednesday of what’s left behind after a fire at Patti’s 1880’s Settlement on Monday. The flames scorched the kitchen and upstairs office space.

According to Grand Lakes Fire Chief Charles Watkins, the fire started in the offices upstairs, but investigators still do not know why.

The two dining rooms are OK, despite some smoke and water damage, according to the restaurant’s market director, Ann Martin.

Most of our information in this update came from a video released by Patti’s Wednesday night.

In the video, Martin stands outside the front door alongside a closed sign. “Our Patti’s family is strong. We’ve met with the insurance company, and we are going to rebuild, and we’re going to be back. We’re going to take it day by day, but we are going to be back,” she said.

In the video, which you can watch in full below, you see the kitchen where countless meals were cooked for more than 40 years is badly damaged by the flames. In the video, a firefighter says if the flames had gotten inside the walls or “if it would have gotten into the fire load…it would have been a lot worse. We could have lost the building really easy,” he said.

The core of the damage is concentrated to one area. It’s why Martin thanked the people who stopped it from spreading. “If it were not for our hometown heroes, the Grand Lakes Fire and many other branches that came out and worked with us to get that fire out just as quickly as they could, we would not be standing where we are. So to that we say thank you and we appreciate all you’ve done for us,” Martin says.

Watkins said agencies that responded to the fire included the Grand Lakes Fire Department, the Ledbetter Fire Department, the Smithland Fire Department, the Burna Fire Department, the Salem Fire Department, the Kattawa Fire Department, the Calvert City Fire Department, the Fairdealing Fire Department, Livingston County EMS, Livingston County Dispatch and the Grand Rivers mayor.

Martin also said she thanks the longtime customers in the video for their past business and future business. She told me employees will still be paid, and the restaurant will be built as a team. “There is insurance to cover payroll, and there are jobs to be done. We will ask for them to work. It may not be their normal type job, but compensation will be paid for those who want to work,” she wrote.


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