Bobo responds to Hubbard apology letter

UPDATE: Paducah attorney Alisha Bobo is responding to a public apology former congressman Carroll Hubbard sent to WPSD regarding an insulting letter he sent her.

After receiving the letter from Hubbard, WPSD reached out to Bobo, sending her a copy of the letter and asking for her response.

Bobo sent Local 6 the following statement:

“I have had an opportunity to review the letter addressed to WPSD; however, I have not received any such correspondence. Mr. Hubbard, a consummate politician, clearly wanted to ensure the media had something in hand prior to the evening’s newscast.

I am not seeking an apology from Mr. Hubbard. A mere two days ago, Mr. Hubbard made wholly inaccurate statements to the Courier Journal in an effort to defend his actions. I believe Mr. Hubbard is, indeed, sorry…that he was caught.

Mr. Hubbard is certainly entitled to his opinions and beliefs. I do not attempt to alter people’s deeply-held beliefs, or offend them. I simply live my life, and endeavor to treat people with respect. That’s how I was raised. And using the US Postal Service to send anonymous, harassing communications is unacceptable, particularly to a fellow member of the bar.”

You can read Hubbard’s letter in full below this story.

Carroll Hubbard

PADUCAH – Former U.S. congressman and local attorney Carroll Hubbard has issued a written public apology Friday regarding an insulting letter he sent to a fellow Paducah lawyer.

Hubbard wrote the words “two pitiful, fat, ugly, lesbians” under a photo of Paducah attorney Alisha Bobo and her wife, Lisa Bobo. The photo was published in VUE magazine, and showed the couple at a charity event Bobo sponsored. Hubbard is under investigation by the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department for a possible harassing communications charge regarding the note. Hubbard has admitted he mailed the note anonymously to Bobo’s office in November 2017.

On Friday, Feb. 9, 2018, Hubbard sent a public letter to the Bobos and to the public through his attorney’s office.  In the letter, Hubbard says he understands what he did was “extremely hurtful.”

In part, the letter reads:

“I have no excuse for my conduct. I offer this public apology to them and to the community. I hope that they will, perhaps in time, find the grace to accept my apology and begin to heal from the pain that I have caused.”

The letter also notes that Hubbard’s attorney, former judge Craig Clymer, is a friend of the Bobos and “would not attempt to defend my indefensible act” but agreed to act as his attorney and “as a conduit to express  my remorse and take responsibility for what I have done.”

You can read the letter in full in the document below.

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