Apps to help you find romance and keep it alive this Valentine’s Day

Remember how hard it was meeting someone special before the internet came along? It’s still not the easiest thing to do, but dating apps like OK Cupid, Match and Coffee and Bagel at least give single people a fighting chance to find romance.

An underrated dating app may take some of the awkwardness out of a blind-date by matching you with a mutual friend. Hinge is a dating app that connects with your Facebook profile and searches for single friends of your Facebook friends. Maybe two single people both know Mary, who knows Cynthia. With Hinge, those connections might eventually end with two people getting together.

You’ll need to sign up for Hinge with your Facebook login. Once you enter some of your personal details and preferences, such as drinking, want/have kids, and a few other things, Hinge works to find a like-minded person with the same interests and in the same age group.

Like Tinder and other apps, once you begin looking through the search results, you can swipe away profile pages of people you’re not interested in, or like their profile to make a connection.

For couples who just can’t stop thinking of each other, there’s Between. This app connects partners so they communicate over social media with only their significant other. Couples can send gifs, messages, love notes or suggestions within the app. There’s also a shared calendar for special holidays and dates.

Kindu is an app for couples that want to spice things up a bit. With this app, one person can suggest a special night or “treat.” The other person will see the suggestion and respond that they’re into it or not. Doctors developed the Kindu app, and they say it’s helpful for couples who are a bit shy with each other when it comes to things in the bedroom. Ideas that might make one blush are easier to recommend and turn down with a text or message. The app also has over 1,000 suggestions to get things started.

If you’re making a dinner reservation, check out the Open Table app. Most nice restaurants that take reservations use it now. You can search by restaurants or availability, make a reservation and notify the restaurant if there are any special requests. The app also links to restaurant’s websites.

If you have kids and feel like a romantic night out on the town, you know how those plans can come crashing down if you can’t find a babysitter. Urban Sitter is a babysitter and nanny listing service that uses recommendations and reviews from your friends and people in any groups you belong to. Search to schedule a sitter ahead of time or at the last minute. When you see a sitter who’s available, you can see their profile, experience, background information, and — if someone in your group has used them before — you can see their rating and reviews. The app is good for parents, as well as for sitters looking for a job.

These apps may not add romance to a romantic evening, but they can get you close to the right connection.

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