Police memorandum details why Chi’z Cabz license suspended

PADUCAH – Several drivers on the road without a taxicab license and drugs found in the glove box of a cab —Those are among the reasons Paducah says Chi’z Cabz has lost its business license for 30 days.

In a memorandum Local 6 received after submitting an open records request, the Paducah Police Department listed violations that date back to June of last year. We obtained a copy from the city clerk’s office Tuesday.

The memorandum lists that, on or about June 10, officers responded to a report about two people allegedly having sex in a Chi’z Cabz vehicle off Bridge Street. Police say they found the cab driver with her boyfriend, and while the two were not caught in a sexual act, the driver did not have a cab license. It’s also a violation to have a non-paying, non-employee passenger.

Also on or about June 10, the memorandum says an officer searched another Chi’z Cabz car and found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in the glove box.

Officers say they they also found multiple drivers without cab licenses in several different instances. Police believe the owner of Chi’z Cabz operated the business while aware of the violations.

Read the full memorandum in the document below, or by clicking here.

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