Local response to Florida school shooting, just weeks after Marshall County HS shooting

It’s only been a few weeks since two teens were killed and dozens of others were injured in a shooting at Marshall County High School. On Wednesday, Feb. 14, a shooter opened fire at a Florida school, killing multiple people and injuring at least 14 others.

In the weeks since the school shooting in our own community, the phrase Marshall Strong has become a motto for the region. As news of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School broke, folks in Marshall County invoked that motto as they let the Florida community know their hearts are with them.

Among them waas Marshall County Schools Superintendent Trent Lovett, who tweeted Wednesday: “Although much is still unanswered at this point, our thoughts and prayers are with the staff, students and first responders at Stoneman Douglas High School. We are here for you. #marshallstrong”

Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Byars, who arrested the Marshall County shooting suspect on Jan. 23, sent the following statement about the shooting in Parkland, Florida:

“I feel for them. We know what they are going through. I hope their community and the nation shows them the same compassion and support we were shown.”

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who traveled to Marshall County the morning of the shooting there, had this to say via Twitter:

“More senseless violence at a school in Florida…We join in prayer for the students and teachers affected, the safety of the first responders, for the wisdom of the medical professionals and for the families of all involved.”


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