More than 100 new emojis coming to your smartphone

If you communicate over text or a messaging app, you’ll be happy to hear there are new emojis coming to your phone this summer.

New year, new emoji. (Photo via Emojipedia/CNN Money)

The Unicode Consortium finalized 150 new emojis (Unicode 11.0) that include redheads, new vegetables, animals and smiley faces.

The new emojis include a hot face and cold face for extreme temperatures, a partying face, a pleading or begging face, a woozy face and smiling face with three hearts. Redheads get their due, as do curly haired, white haired and bald people. The faces that have been added won’t all look alike, though. There will be slight differences depending on the device or app you use.

Others include a set of super villains and superheros, legs, feet, a tooth and a bone. There are lots of other random objects, including a microbe, a toolbox, a magnet, a DNA double helix and a lotion bottle.

You may be asking yourself: Why in the world would I ever use an emoji for a fire extinguisher or an abacus? How do they come up with these? And who decides on new emoji?

There’s an actual consortium of members, representing some of the world’s largest tech companies and influencers, such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix and Microsoft. The consortium meets, reviews suggested or submitted emoji, and then votes on which ones to accept and release.

While we might think these are just a fun way to send goofy messages to friends, there’s a greater purpose. The unicode consortium is actually developing a global language. It’s a language communicated through any smartphone, so it’s possible that one day in our lifetime, everyone in the world can basically “speak” the same language.

By the way, you can suggest or propose new emojis to consortium members. For more on how to do that, click here.

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