Flood water closes local roads

The following roads are either closed or have water over road signs posted. We will be updating this list as new reports come in.

UPDATE: 6:00 a.m. on 3/19:

Caldwell County
US 62 is Restricted to One Lane Traffic with an automated signal at 16.5 due to landslide repair work just west of Caldwell-Hopkins Line

Fulton County
The Dorena-Hickman Ferry is CLOSED due to high water at the Kentucky Landing (KY 1354)

Graves County
KY 2194 is CLOSED at the 1 to 2 mm due to a cross drain washout
KY 849 is CLOSED at 2.3mm just East of Lowes due to a washout at a bridge end

Hickman County
KY 123 is CLOSED between the 14 and 16mm Due to Water Over Road- Signs Posted

Livingston County
KY 137/River Rd is CLOSED from 7mm extending northward to 15mm at KY 133 due to mud and debris along much of this section

Union County
KY 667/Bottoms Road is CLOSED from the 0mm to the 16mm due to Water Over Road- Signs Posted
KY 1452 is CLOSED from the 0 to 2mm due to Water Over Road- Signs posted
KY 1637 is CLOSED from the 0 to 1.1mm due to Water Over Road- Signs Posted

Drivers are urged to be cautious when driving in areas that may flood.

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