Court documents unsealed: Marshall County High School shooting

UPDATE: We now know Gabriel Parker’s next hearing will be open to the public. That court date is March 12 at 11:30 a.m.

The hearing will be over whether Parker should stay in the circuit court or be transferred back into juvenile court.

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY- Marshall County Circuit Court has released documents pertaining to the deadly Marshall County High School shooting and the a suspected gunman, Gabriel Parker.

That shooting on January 23 resulted in the deaths of 15-year-olds Bailey Holt and Preston Cope. 18 other students were injured.

These documents reveal several new details about the investigation. A released copy of a search warrant stated Parker led detectives to the firearm used in the shooting. It also states video surveillance at the school shows Parker firing the gun at his classmates and confessing to it. You can see a copy of that search warrant here.

The search warrant is just one set of several documents the court released Thursday after the Kentucky Court of Appeals granted requests by Paxton Media Group, which owns WPSD-TV.

Our team is combing through the documents and will release more of the details in this article.

We have now obtained the video recording of Parker’s arraignment on February 16.

You can watch the video in full by clicking here.

Part of the released documents includes the Commonwealth’s request for a special judge to be appointed in the case.

Last week we told you the Commonwealth asked the Kentucky Supreme Court to appoint a special judge. The Commonwealth did not release a copy of the request at that time, quoting a gag order.

A copy of that request was among the court documents given to us on Thursday. In it, the Commonwealth describes a text message Marshall County Circuit Judge Jameson sent to Marshall County Sheriff’s Office. Jameson has acknowledge the text message, saying it was to inform investigators that Parker was appointed a public defender. The Commonwealth argued this may have made Jameson a potential witness.

The court document also quoted court filings made by Paxton Media Group, which owns WPSD-TV. The Commonwealth stated regardless if the allegations made in the court filing were true, it would create an inescapable appearance of impropriety. You can read the request by clicking here.

The Commonwealth’s request was denied Monday.

As part of court documents released on Thursday, we now know Jameson wrote to Kentucky Supreme Court Justice John Mitton on Monday. In the letter, Jameson requests Minton to consider his response and deny the Commonwealth’s request. He defended his actions, saying he has acted within his authority. He also mentions the court filings by PMG.  You can read his letter by clicking here.

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