Detectives testify to potential reasons behind Marshall County HS shooting

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY – We’re getting a clearer picture of what investigators believe may have led to the Marshall County High School shooting.

I spent the day Wednesday examining video from three meetings from then-15-year-old Gabriel Parker’s court hearings. All those meetings happened in juvenile court, including a detention and bail hearing, an on-the-record conference call, and Parker’s youthful offender hearing. Parker was in court for two of those meetings.

The first was on Jan. 25, just two days after the shooting. Multiple detectives testified that Parker told them what he did, gave some reasons why, and showed little remorse.

On Jan. 26, we see and hear an on-the-record conference call discussion about search warrants. That took place among District Court Judge Jack Telle, Marshall County Attorney Jeff Edwards, Assistant County Attorney Jason Darnall, and Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Jacob Ford. On the other end of the phone was Parker’s defense attorney at the time.

During Parker’s youthful offender hearing on Feb. 1, we see Parker in court for the second time since the shooting. During that hearing, Detective Matt Wise testified in more detail about what he says Parker told him led up to the shooting.

“Life had become monotonous. He sought a response from others to see what would happen, what they would do, how the government would react, how school officials would react, how law enforcement would react —things of that nature,” Wise said.

Parker was indicted Feb. 13 on two counts of murder and 14 counts of first degree assault. He was arraigned as an adult in circuit court on Feb. 16.

The defense has until Thursday, March 7, to file a motion asking for the case to go back to juvenile court. Parker is expected to be in court again on March 12 for a hearing on that matter. We don’t know if the judge will make a decision that day. Local 6 plans to be at that hearing.


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