Phlebotomist, mom, volunteer firefighter Karissa Shelton trains for half marathon

PADUCAH — Can you go the distance? Local 6 has partnered with Atlas Physical Therapy and Paducah Athletic Club to help 10 people train for a half marathon.

Karissa Shelton is a phlebotomist by day, student by night, and a mom to two beautiful girls, and a volunteer firefighter in her spare time. Why not add half marathon runner to the list?

“I have this image of the way I want to look. It definitely motivates me. If I can come that far and lose 80 pounds, then how much farther can I go?” Shelton said.

Shelton’s fitness journey began two years ago.

“I got divorced, and I didn’t like the way I looked anymore. To take care of my girls, and do what I needed to do for them, and to feel better about myself, and be confident, I knew I  needed to lose a bunch of weight,” said Shelton.

She knew it was time for change, so she hit the ground running.

“I think I have a very long way to go for the half marathon, but all I can do it push myself. I’m going to get there, it’s just going to take some time,” said Shelton.

Shelton is getting ready for the race of her lifetime come April, a half marathon.

“I’ve gotten a little frustrated with myself. My knee has been giving me problems. I’m not going to quit, I’m going to run 13.1 miles,” said Shelton.

She’s pushing herself to cross the finish line.

“I’m going to be ecstatic for finishing 13.1 miles, it’s going to be amazing,” said Shelton.

The Go The Distance plan to run the Murray Half Marathon or the Paducah Iron Mom. You can get started on your fitness journey, too, with some of the training guides on our Go the Distance page.

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