Local man helps protect flooded homes from looters

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — Shayne Sexton thought he was prepared for recent flooding —even keeping a close eye on river level predictions. But, those predictions changed, and now his home is under water.

“It’s a mess,” says Sexton. “Pretty much looks more like a war zone.”

Sexton lives year-round at a private campsite along the Tennessee River in Marshall County.

“We figured if we did get wet a little bit, we just get everything moved up high enough to keep it from getting wet,” says Sexton. “I left a lot of stuff in the garage. I never thought the water would get higher than the car.”

The car Sexton is talking about is a 1980 L82 Corvette. He’s working to restore the vehicle, which is why he couldn’t drive it out before the flood. Now, his Corvette is under water.

“Nobody would have dreamed that it would flood like this,” says Sexton.

Several times a day, Sexton hops in his boat to check on his home and his neighbors’ homes.

“Well, somebody has to look after the place down there and make sure that people don’t come here looting,” says Sexton. “When stuff goes to floating, people think it’s free to the world and come here to pick up what they want.”

Sexton says he’s now living out of a suitcase at a friend’s house.

“It’s just the price you pay for living on the river,” says Sexton. “It’s not for everybody.”

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