Long lost ring unearthed

(WPMI) A class ring lost nearly five decades ago has been uncovered and reunited with its owner.

Barbara Burgess calls her metal detector “Diddly.” She says typically it gets her diddly squat, but that wasn’t the case the other day.

“I was out here detecting with my friends, got a good signal, and went ‘Holy cow! This is a big gold ring’,” Burgess said.

Buried four inches deep in a Mobile, Alabama front yard, Burgess unearthed a treasure. She uncovered a University of Tennessee class of 1970 ring with the initials “SRS” engraved inside.

It took an internet search and several calls to the University of Tennessee before Burgess determined “SRS” was surgeon Dr. Stephen Sheppard, someone she’s actually met before.

Read more: http://bit.ly/2DerMjM

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