Signs ask city leaders to remember ‘neighborhoods and trees’

PADUCAH — Some citizens say their city leaders need to consider the people before business opportunities. We told you how the Paducah city commission voted to rezone part the Midtown area near the Coke Plant so it’s more business friendly.

Some neighbors say the signs they’ve put up, which read “Save Paducah’s Trees & Neighborhoods” are just a friendly reminder to keep those two facets of the city in mind.

Paducah City Commissioner Sarah Stewart Holland says communities and green spaces are important to the city. But so is business growth, and that’s why she voted in favor of rezoning.

“Because there is cheap, available land way out in the county, it’s really important to support any development inside our city core, and as this neighborhood has already changed,” she says.

The intention behind the sign isn’t to reverse any decision. It’s so people remember the message for any potential changes in the future.

Jane Gamble had the signs made and helped coordinate distribution of them. The signs have since been removed from Lone Oak Road, although it’s unclear who’s responsible and why. She says she hopes people just remember the message when the next rezoning proposals come around.

“People who live here who should be the first consideration, not the convenience store or a dry cleaners going in,” Gamble says.

While the signs may go up and disappear in the coming days, Gamble says she hopes the message lasts much longer.

Stewart Holland said another concern was how people living in Midtown want more parking. She says in the rezoning plan there are plans for additional parking and trees.

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