Next steps of old Lake Barkley Bridge demolition after spans detonated

TRIGG COUNTY, KY — Wednesday was an exciting, but bittersweet day in the Local 6 area. For 86 years, the old Lake Barkley Bridge connected Trigg County and Canton, but now it’s a thing of the past.

Susan Holmes and June Ezell have been best friends for years. They say they’ve had 50 years of making memories together –including watching the bridge demolition Wednesday.

They say they had a perfect view.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman Keith Todd says: “I’ve always appreciated the old bridge when it was constructed in the 1930s, it was an engineering marvel.”

Explosives were used to take out the two main spans of the bridge. Todd says the next step will be to pull the steel out of the water. “The steel from the old bridge will go back to the manufacturer to be recycled into another bridge somewhere else,” he says.

After Wednesday’s blast took down part of the bridge, crews will take down the rest with conventional demolition.

Holmes and Ezell say it was exciting to see history be made. They say they have a lot of memories crossing the old bridge over the years, but they are glad to have a new bridge.

That’s not the only bridge in our area that will soon be a thing of the past. Todd says he’s hoping to demolish the Smithland Bridge in the next three to four years.

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