Local mom shocked to learn of rape arrest in her neighborhood

Joshua Meyer

PADUCAH – Many renters in the Forrest Hills neighborhood in Paducah are still processing what happened down the street. Paducah police charged Joshua Meyer with rape, sodomy, and unlawful transaction with a minor.

Police say Meyer admitted to driving to Henderson, Tennessee, and taking two teenage girls to Paducah and engaging in sexual acts with them. Police also say Meyer told them he gave the girls marijuana and alcohol.

Investigators say the 15 and 16 year old were able to get away from the home April 7 while Meyer was at work. They ran to a woman’s home on Elmdale Road, the the woman called the police. The girls told investigators Meyer kept them tied up there for four days, and that he forced them to cut and dye their hair to change their appearance.

Movita Morris

A police report indicates the girls were held near the 1000 block of Cloverdale Road, near Movita Morris’ home. Morris says for five years, it’s been a great place to raise her two boys. That still holds true, despite what happened down the street. “My first thought was: Did I drive by there one day they were in there and had no idea they were being taken advantage of and being held captive?” she said.

Morris says she’d still recommend Forrest Hills as an affordable and safe place to live. “It’s quiet, unless you need somebody or you know somebody personally. People really don’t bother you that much. That’s why it really wasn’t a surprise that nobody had seen or nobody knew anything about him, because people stay to their selves.”

Police say more charges against Meyer are likely. A preliminary hearing is set for Tuesday afternoon in McCracken County.

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