Concerns raised over proposed Rock Quarry in Calvert City

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — A proposed rock quarry in Calvert City is facing opposition from people who live close by.

Bailey Port Incorporated proposed to build a rock quarry within the Calvert City limits.

“Tell them we don’t want it,” says Elroy Churkey, who has lived near the site for about 30 years.

Bailey Port owner James Bailey says his company has done everything to comply with the state and city to legally operate the quarry.

“We have spent some serious money on every professional that we can,” says Bailey.

One of the biggest concerns people have is blasting that could be done to create the quarry. Bailey Port manager Robby Roberts says the company would only perform one blast a week. Most residents say that’s one blast too many.

“We really don’t need it with all the chemical plants around here,” says Churkey.

Roberts says the quarry operation will be far enough away from homes in the area.

“The city’s own consultants confirmed that we’re going to be less than a percent of the allowed legal limit at the houses,” Roberts said.

That hasn’t reassured people who have concerns. They brought those questions to a meeting Tuesday night.

Representatives from Bailey Port said they will listen during the meeting and answer those questions at the next meeting on June 28.

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