Neighbors in food desert after town’s only grocery store closes


VIENNA, IL — The diet and health of some families in the Local 6 area are at risk because of limited access to affordable, healthy food.

The only grocery store in Vienna, Illinois, suddenly closed its doors a week ago, leaving many people in what is known as a food desert.

People are having to travel more than 20 miles just to get healthy food for their families.

Darla Waters — a mother of three — said she would often go to the store around the corner to get what she needed.

“Sam’s IGA was a great grocery store — the only one we had in Vienna — and I went there often, especially when I would forget things in a big shopping adventure,” Waters said.

She hated to see her community’s only grocer suddenly close. Now, she has to drive to Metropolis or Anna for groceries.

“It was nice to have, especially when you would need something in particular and not have to drive 30 minutes to get it,” Waters said.

Her family is not the only one she is concerned about when thinking about the the closure.

“I think a lot of people were concerned, especially about the people that maybe can’t go out of town or drive very far to get groceries,” Waters said.

Waters said her family is adjusting.

“I think, like everybody else, we hope someone will be able to open the grocery store again and have a local store. We would love to,” Waters said.

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