What it’s like to live next to a rock quarry

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KY — A proposed rock quarry in Calvert City has neighbors upset. Most are worried about blasting. Folks who live in Lake City, Kentucky, have had to put up with living next to a rock quarry for decades.

The Vulcan Materials rock quarry has been in Lake City since the early 80s. People living around the quarry are not very happy about it.

“When they put off the bigger blasts, it really shakes the ground,” says Betty Collier, who lives a few miles away from the Vulcan quarry.

Collier says her house shakes on a daily basis from the quarries blasts.

“It’s getting a little scary,” says Collier.

Marcus Harrell works across the road from the Vulcan quarry at Lake City Fish Market. He says he can tell when the blast happens.

“Sometimes you just barely feel it, and sometimes you just see the blinds moving and stuff in the office,” Harrell says.

Despite the shaking, Harrell says he doesn’t mind having the quarry in Lake City.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it, and I think it’s a good thing for the community,” says Harrell.

Home owners in the area just hope the blasting doesn’t damage their home.

“I wish there was another way for them doing it,” says Collier.

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