Get Active Today: 6 foods nutritionists won't touch


Story Updated: Oct 7, 2013

We hear about eating right and exercising all the time, but it's tough for some people. We would like to think those diet foods in the grocery store aisle will help us get fit.

Nutritionists, however, say not so fast. The magazine Nutritionist Eats says there are six foods that nutritionists will not touch.

The first of those foods is rice cakes. They're crunchy and some say they're tasty as well. But they don't have any protein, fiber or fat.

At number two, fat free salad dressings. When fat is removed, sugar is added, making it worse than regular salad dressing.

Next, keep an eye out for artificial dyes and ingredients in the food inside your refrigerator. Choose all-natural ingredients instead.

What about diet foods? They're portion-controlled, but usually have the same amount of calories as the real deal. Be sure to eat treats in moderation.

At number five, those flavored coffee creamers. This is nothing but oil, sugar and a ton of preservatives. Opt for regular cream and sugar instead.

Finally, sugary cereals. These are not the way to start your day. They will spike your blood sugar and leave you hungry when your blood sugar drops.

Health experts add that it's important to always search out labels that read "all natural" or "whole." Nutritionists say they will have the best health bang for your buck.

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