Get Active Today: Kids helping parents in the kitchen and at the store


Story Updated: Oct 16, 2013

It starts around the age of 2 or 3. Kids get curious about the smell of food or all the cooking gadgets, and they want to help in the kitchen. This creates a great opportunity for learning and spending some quality family time.

For Jack Stopher, the benefits of helping Mom in the kitchen are obvious now, but what he might not realize is how much he's learning while he helps.

While Jack things his orange oven mitt is cool, it's also teaching him about safety and healthy eating habits, which are formed in the early years.

"The kids get interested in the food, they maybe want to try and eat more different foods and hopefully they'll try some other foods and maybe eat a little better," said Lori Terry, a dietician at Baptist Health Paducah.

Jack's mom, Amanda, knows that a few generations ago, boys weren't supposed to be in the kitchen. She also knows those times have changed.

"I think that if you look any day at The Food Network and everything else, there's definitely no shortage of men cooks, so I definitely don't see any problems with it myself," Amanda said.

She enjoys the quality time they have together in the kitchen, and Jack gets to cook and eat his favorite food. Jack also helps with the grocery shopping, Amanda says it's more bonding time for them.

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