County stops construction of new home after Flood 2011


Reporter - Julie Collins
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall


MCCRACKEN COUNTY - Marty Burkeen's mobile home was damaged during flood 2011 but not enough to qualify for FEMA help. So his family scrapped together what little money they had and bought lumber to build him something new except the new house violates several county building codes. It's not high enough off the ground, it's built on 4 x 4 posts and more importantly he doesn't have a building permit. In McCracken County building permits are $.20 a square foot.



"We didn't have the income or the knowledge and we were hoping that nobody would pay too much mind," says Marty Burkeen. "It's just the way things go, one of life's dreams gone."

The family says it took about 3 weeks to build and just 4 days to take down.