Dancing Freddie with Amy Watson


Web Editor - Michael Vick

PADUCAH — It's that time of year again: telethon time. You may know what that means. It's time to tie up your dancing shoes.

Ballroom dancer Fred Hicks, better known as "Dancing Freddie", is raising money again at the Kroger in Paducah's Hannan Plaza, dancing from dawn until dusk for your donations.

At one time or another, many of us at Local 6 have gone out to meet the man of the hour to get a dance lesson.

Watch the video to see Freddie's dance lesson with Amy Watson. And take a look at the related content links for more of Freddie's dance lessons the Local 6 team.

After you've seen them all, head on over to our Facebook page and look for our poll, where you get to decide which of the dancers you liked the most.