Flood 2011: Health concerns with standing water


Reporter - Julie Collins
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall





PADUCAH - State and federal officials are warning of a widespread secondary risk; dangerous bacteria and disease-bearing mosquitoes. Health officials warn this water is nothing to play with. The Purchase District Health Department in McCracken County warns it's going to be especially tough on allergy sufferers this time of year especially during the hot and humid days.

Lawrence Litchfield lives here now living with family he doesn't know when he'll go back even worse he doesn't know what he'll find.

"People think it's just high water but it's a lot of that stuff it's germs and everything else people don't realize," says Litchfield.

It's also important to keep yourself healthy while outside cleaning, take frequent breaks and keep yourself hydrated. And when it comes to the bacteria and animals in the water here's how to keep you and your family safe. Wear boots, gloves, masks when inside and around the floodwaters. Also, long sleeves and pants will help avoid mosquito bites. And when you're cleaning use bleach and hot water to get rid of mold.